HEAD LIBRARIAN THREATENED : Dainger County Deliberator


by Marion Laird on 02/28/14


Head Librarian Lorie Narramore reported finding a threatening note on her desk this morning. Deputy Sheriff Matthew MacGregor searched the Daingerville County Library, located at 218 Choctaw Rd., but found nothing. However, the building had been broken into, and some damage was reported.

The investigation continues. Stay tuned for further developments.

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1. Alisha Jackson said on 6/30/14 - 04:19PM
I met you at walmart in fort smith, and I got your book and read it in a day! I coudnt put it down I loved it1 always had action in it. the more the better! one of my favorit books i have read! please write more!
2. Marion Faith Laird said on 6/30/14 - 05:51PM
Thank you, Alisha! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! More books are in the works! :)
3. Vondia Caruso said on 7/2/14 - 12:32PM
loved the book! I love for God to be involved in the lives of the characters. I love for The Word to be quoted....often:-) Thanks for the book......and more of them!
4. Faith said on 8/30/14 - 07:51AM
My real name is "Faith". Since I read all the Love Inspired Suspense books this was just another that I picked up. But when I found out is was in ArKANSAS, I tried to place were the story was set. At first I thought near the Ozarks, but then that didn't fit. I looked for Chastian Mtn, no luck. Then when you ran them off the road on hwy 32 near "OK", I kind of knew. As a genealogist my family has deep roots in that part of the country. From Joplin to the area below Ft Smith. Mainly in the Chester and Devil's Den area. I look forward to more of your stories. Guess Vangie will have to marry off Carmen now. God Bless
5. Marion Faith Laird said on 8/31/14 - 06:48AM
Thank you, Vondia! I love books like that, too! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the book!
6. Marion Faith Laird said on 8/31/14 - 06:51AM
Thank you, Faith! Dainger County is in western Arkansas, in the foothills of the Ouachitas rather than the Ozarks. While it exists only in the world of literature, it is surrounded by real places: Fort Smith, Greenwood, Waldron, Mena... I hope to put maps here soon! :) I have a lot of roots in this area, too, as well as other parts of the country, so setting a book in an imaginary county is a real treat. I do have an idea in mind for a book set in the Fort Smith area, but haven't started it yet. And yes, you have Vangie pegged! She can't resist matchmaking! :) I'm currently working on Carmen's story.

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